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Chromium - Uses, Benefits, Sources

Chromium is also considered as "essential trace element" because the very small quantities of chromium are important for our good health.


  1.  Trivalent chromium
  2.  Hexavalents chromium.

One form is found in foods and supplements which is safe for humans where as the 2nd form is toxic which can cause the lung cancer and skin problems.

Benefits Of Chromium

  •  It helps to metabolize carbohydrates. It also monitors the blood sugar levels thus play role in stabilization of blood sugar. Hence it is good for the prediabetes, type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  •  It also maintains the healthy blood pressure levels in the body. Thus it prevents the hypertension (high blood pressure).
  •  Chromium is also essential for the carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.
  •  It maintains the good brain health. Hence it is good for the memory loss. It is quite beneficial for treatment of Alzheimer's disease and bipolar disorder.
  •  It plays an important role in the good heart health. Regular consumption of chromium reduces the chances of heart diseases.
  •  It helps to maintain the healthy cholesterol levels in body.
  •  It helps to lower down the body fat hence it is quite effective for weight loss.
  •  It helps to maintain the strength and energy in body.

Food Sources Of Chromium

Broccoli, oats, barley, green beans, potato, garlic, tomatoes, romaine lettuce and black pepper are the rich sources of chromium. Moreover mussel, Brazil nuts, date, oyster, pear, brown shrimp, mushroom, hazelnut, beef and egg yolk also contain the significant amount of chromium. Fruits like apple, oranges and banana are also the good source of chromium.

Deficiency Of Chromium

Deficiency of chromium results in the diabetes and atherosclerosis.


  •  Sudden rise in the anxiety levels which results in the lightheadedness and increased heartbeat.
  •  Sudden fall in energy levels is the symptoms associated with chromium deficiency. Due this lethargy and weakness occur in body.
  •  Chromium deficiency may also results in the mood swings.

Side Effects Of High Intake Of Chromium

High consumption of chromium may result in the several adverse effects on health like renal failure, reproductive dysfunctions and carcinogenicity. Excess intake of chromium also leads to stomach complications and may also results in the low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

Daily Intake Recommendations Of Chromium


  •  For 0-6 months requirement is 0.2mcg (micrograms)
  •  For 7-12 months requirement is 5.5 mcg.


  •  For 1-3 years requirement is 11mcg.
  •  For 4-8 years requirement is 15mcg.
  •  For 9-13 years (males) requirement is 25mcg.
  •  For 9-13 years (females) requirement is 21mcg.



  •  For Males 14 to 18 years chromium requirement is 35mcg.
  •  For males 19-50 years of age requirement is 35 mcg.
  •  Above the age of 50 years requirement is 30 mcg.


  •  For females 14 to 18 years requirement is 24 mcg.
  •  For females 19-50 years requireme nt is 25mcg.
  •  Above the age of 50 years requirement is 20 mcg.
  •  For pregnant mothers chromium requirement is 30mcg.
  •  For lactating mothers chromium requirement is 45mcg.