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Our Management Board is responsible for managing the Dhanvantary Bioscience Pvt. Ltd. Its members are jointly accountable for the management of the company. The Management Board has, as its prime responsibility, the Group's strategic management, Product Management, accounting and reporting, and corporate control.

Mr. Pranab Meur
Mr. Pranab Meur 13 Years of Experience in Ayurvedic, Agricultural & Wellness Industries.He has the idea and knowledge to run the Company. He is focusing with Back Office operation, Management & Corporate & Brand Communication of Dhanvantary.
Mr. Pranab Meur, through the combination of enriched business acumen and excellent leadership skills has developed a great name and a brand in the business community in India.
Its his management skill that Dhanvantary Bioscience that started in Kolkata, and today, it extends throughout India. His education & learning about conceptualization, planning, designing, monitoring and successful implementation of projects related to health care & Beauty along with agro products claim a path redefining concept in this world of modern business model on herbal products.

The company have carved a niche for itself and today it is considered as one of the best company for the people.

Mr. Ashutosh Das
Having a Sales and Marketing background for nearly two decades in different National and Multinational companies, Mr. Ashutosh Das has started a new debut in Dhanvantary Bioscience(OPC) Pvt. Ltd. as The General Manager from the year of 2017. He has proved himself for the position by handling challenges the organization is facing from different corner of the country with in a very short span of his sworn into the chair. A ever smiling personality with very fast TAT to every distributors around the country.

Mr. Chandan Kumar
Having experience of more than 12 years in the Hospitality Industry in different MNC, he has taken the responsibility as a Marketing Head(National) in our organization. Believing his expertise in Sales, Operations, and Marketing will serve the company in a much efficient way in the coming days. His exponent will definitely enrich the company both in customer service in terms of inventory and supply in one hand and day to day requirements from the business associates around the country on the other hand.

Mr. Pradip Ganguly
A great orator who can skillfully discuss marketing science, clues for human resources development, medical science and various diseases and the remedies in very lucid language. He is an experienced consultant for the formation and development of a new company. Through his long career he acquired vivid experience working in various states across India and that we are utilizing to nurture our increasing human resources. He is a leading trainer of Dhanvantary Bioscience Private Limited, who has been praised for giving skillful, logical and relevant training to thousands of people across India.

Mr. Shashish Kumar Tiwari
Currently Mr. Shashish Kumar Tiwari is running ISNM YouTube Channel where his videos are watched by more than 10 lacs people per month. His YouTube channel Indian School of Network Marketing received its first 100k subscribers just within 4-5 months. Today lacs of network marketers and sales professionals are growing their businesses learning from his videos. Apart from this he is constantly invited by colleges and universities for his amazing motivational talks. Recently he was invited by the CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF JHARKHAND as the Chief Guest to deliver a motivational talk to thousands of its students. ...

Mr. Vijay Kadapure
An emiment consultant in the field of Agriculture, who have been continiously sharing his new and innovative technique on farming direct to the farmers in the field. During his journey for more than 30 years in the specified subject like organic farming, he has been crowned with lot of feathers on his hat. Having his own Agricultural Pathological and Entomology Laboratory, he has been continiously researching on plant pathology and sharing his experiences through ABP Maza TV and SAM TV occationally and deliver lecture regularly on organic farming in Green FM and Red FM.