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Home Remedies for Amnesia

Amnesia is the general term for a condition in which a person can't remember or recall information that is stored in memory. Some people with amnesia have difficulty forming new memories. Instead, people with amnesia — also called amnestic syndrome — usually know who they are. But, they may have trouble learning new information and forming new memories.

Amnesia can be caused by damage to areas of the brain that are vital for memory processing. Unlike a temporary episode of memory loss (transient global amnesia), amnesia can be permanent.

Common Signs and Symptoms

The following are common symptoms of amnesia:

  •   The ability to learn new information is impaired in anterograde amnesia.
  •   There may be problems with short-term memory, partial or total loss of memory
  •   The ability to remember past events and previously familiar information is impaired in retrograde amnesia
  •   Confusion or disorientation may occur.
  •   Inability to recognise familiar faces or places
  •   Uncoordinated movements and tremors indicate neurological problems.
  •   The person may be unable to recognize faces or locations.

Home Remedies

There are some important home remedies that can help alcoholics rid themselves of this disease to some extent. These are mentioned below:

Almonds (Badam):

Almonds are very valuable for restoring a poor memory caused by brain weakness. They contain unique properties to remove brain debility and to strengthen the brain. 10-12 almonds should be immersed in water overnight and their outer skin removed. They should then be made into a fine paste and taken, mixed with one teaspoon of butter or even alone. Inhaling ten to fifteen drops of almond oil through the nose, morning and evening, is also beneficial in the treatment of brain weakness.

Walnuts (Akhrot):

Walnut is another unique dry fruit, valuable in countering brain weakness. The efficacy of about twenty grams of walnuts gets enhanced, if they are taken with figs or raisins in a proportion of ten gram each, everyday.

Cumin seeds (jeera):

The use of cumin seeds is a valuable remedy for amnesia or dullness of memory. Three grams of black cumin seeds should be mixed with two teaspoons of pure honey and taken once a day, preferably, in the morning.

Black Pepper (Kali mirch):

Five seeds of finely ground black pepper, mixed with one teaspoon of honey, are also beneficial in the treatment of this condition. This preparation should be taken both in morning and evening.

Sage (sefakuss):

The herb sage has also been found beneficial in the treatment of a week memory or loss of memory. It acts on the cortex of the brain, mitigates mental exhaustion and strengthens the ability to concentrate. A tea prepared from dried sage leaves can be used regularly for this purpose.


They contain carotene, which is a memory booster. Eat them raw, cooked, or in casseroles, or make a juice with carrots and apricots. The apricots are used to add a little compatible juice to the dry carrots.


These luscious little fruits are the richest source of antioxidants, and recent studies have shown that blueberries may help improve short-term memory.

Useful Tips

The following healthy habits can lower your risk of blackouts, head injuries, dementia, stroke, and other potential causes of memory loss:

  •   Avoid excessive alcohol use.
  •   Use protective headgear when you’re playing sports that put you at high risk of concussion.
  •   Stay mentally active throughout your life. For instance, take classes, explore new places, read new books, and play mentally challenging games.
  •   Stay physically active throughout your life.
  •   Eat a heart-healthy diet, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat proteins.
  •   Stay hydrated.