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Home Remedies for Gout

Gout is a complex form of arthritis, which is characterized by pain, inflammation, tenderness and stiffened joints. It affects various body parts, which include joints on wrists, hands, knees and ankles. This situation is caused due to the accumulation of a large quantity of uric acid in the body. Other possible reasons of gout are too much intake of alcohol and proteins and lack of exercises and physical activities. Heredity and a high level of stress are the two other important factors, which lead to the occurrence of the disoarder, gout.

This disorder is also related to several complications like diabetes, hypertension, renal stones and other problems.

Causes of gout

The buildup of uric acid in your blood from the breakdown of purines causes gout. Certain conditions, such as blood and metabolism disorders or dehydration, make your body produce too much uric acid.A kidney or thyroid problem, or an inherited disorder, can make it harder for your body to remove excess uric acid.

You’re more likely to get gout if you:

  • are a middle-aged man or postmenopausal woman
  • have parents, siblings, or other family members with gout
  • eat too much purine-rich food, such as red meats, organ meats, and certain fish
  • drink alcohol
  • take medications such as diuretics and cyclosporine
  • have a condition like high blood pressure, kidney disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, or sleep apnea
  • In some people with gout, diet is the cause. Find out which foods are especially high in gout-producing purines.

Effective home remedies for gout

The major home remedies, which provide relief from the pain, inflammatory disorder are the following:

1.Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek is an herb with light green leaves and small white flowers. Consumption of fenugreek seeds can help cure gout as it helps in reducing internal as well as external inflammation of the body.

How to use Soak 1 Tbsp fenugreek seed in half cup water overnight and drink that water in the morning and chew the soaked seeds. This will help in reducing the swelling of the joints and can relieve pain.


Garlic is an incredible cure for gout. It helps in removing the excess uric acid from the body.

How to use

Swallow one pod of garlic and if you find it difficult then you can finely chop the garlic and then consume it. It will help cure gout from its roots./p>

3.Carom Seeds (Ajwain) and Ginger

Both carom seeds and ginger work towards making you sweat, which help in removing the uric acid from the body. Moreover, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, which relieve pain and swelling.

How to use:

Take ½ Tbsp ajwain and 1 inch slice of ginger, boil with a cup of water. Strain the decoction and consume half of it in the morning and the other half in the evening.

4.Castor Oil

Took warm castor oil and massaging it on the gout affected area or just dabbing it with a cotton ball. It will help in breaking down the toxic deposit and relieving redness and pain.


Coriander helps in improving the gastro intestinal tract with its antioxidant properties, thus decreasing uric acid level. Drinking adequate amounts of water too can work wonders in stabilizing uric acid levels in the body.

How to use:

Take a few sprigs of coriander and mix it in a glass of water and consume. Add it to your food as garnish and have it.


Belonging to the ginger family, turmeric is believed to have lots of potential medicinal value. Turmeric suppresses chronic inflammation, which reduces the activity of Xanthine oxidase (an enzyme which produces uric acid).

How to use:

Turmeric can be consumed after mixing it in the milk, Haldi Doodh as it is popularly known in India.