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Home Remedies for Cholera

Cholera is a disorder, which is highly infectious. It is caused due to Vibryo cholera, the comma shaped bacterium. This bacterium enters the digestive tract of the individuals through contaminated water and food. This gives rise to acute diarrhea, abdominal cramps, too much thirst, low output of urine, dehydration, vomiting, palpitations, muscular cramps, weakness, restlessness, irritability and loss of elasticity of skin. Poor hygienic condition, undercooked food, lack of hydrochloric acid in the body and natural disasters can give rise to cholera. Cholera, if not treated in proper time may be life threatening as well.

Causes of Cholera

Vibrio cholerae, the bacterium that causes cholera, is usually found in food or water contaminated by feces from a person with the infection. Common sources include:

  •   Municipal water supplies
  •   Ice made from municipal water
  •   Foods and drinks sold by street vendors
  •   Vegetables grown with water containing human wastes
  •   Raw or undercooked fish and seafood caught in waters polluted with sewage
  •   When a person consumes the contaminated food or water, the bacteria release a toxin in the intestines that produces severe diarrhea.

It is not likely you will catch cholera just from casual contact with an infected person.

Effective Home remedies for cholera

The important and effective home remedies for cholera are given below:

1. Onion

Onion is an effective home remedy for cholera. Onions have a lot of medicinal properties like anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrhea, anti-biotic and many others. It helps to get rid of thirst and restlessness. Add a pinch of black pepper to onion paste. Consume this mixture twice or thrice daily.

2. Cucumber Leaves and Coconut Water

Make fresh juice from the cucumber leaves. Mix the juice with coconut water. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions. Consume the juice twice daily. This provides tremendous relief from the disorder.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is yet another important home remedy for cholera. Consume one glass of lemon juice freshly prepared minimum two times on a daily basis. This helps to eradicate the symptoms and helps to get rid of the ill consequences of cholera to a huge extent.

4. Cloves with Water

Mix 4 grams of cloves to approximately 3 liters of water. Boil it. Then, let the mixture cool down. Consume the mixture after every 2 hours. This also prevents the occurrence of dehydration, prevents the feeling of excess thirst and helps to treat cholera significantly.


Ginger is a herb that has been widely used to cure a number of ailments including cholera. Prepare a ginger tea by adding sliced gingers into a sufuria. Add mint leaves, holy basil leaves, and black pepper as well. Thereafter, boil the mixture for few minutes. Drink the tea daily till you note a positive result.

6.Probiotic yogurt

Probiotic yogurt is highly endowed with healthy bacteria which combat the bacterium, boosts digestion and immune system. Drink 2-3 cups of probiotic yogurt until you get relieved.

7.Have ORS that’s home-made:

As cholera leads to excessive loss of fluids from body, quick restoration of body fluid and salt is important for speedy recovery from the condition. This can be best done by having oral rehydration solution (ORS) as it lessens the intensity of symptoms. You should try making ORS at home apart from consuming the one prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and is available in the market. In order to make home-made ORS, all you need to do is mix half spoon of salt and six spoons of sugar in 1 litre of water.

Besides these home remedies, there are certain tips, which should be followed.

Important Tips:

  1. Maintain a healthy hygiene
  2. Wash your hands properly before eating
  3. Have a balanced diet
  4. Drink a lot of water on a regular basis
  5. Cook your food properly before eating