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Home Remedies for Tinnitus

Tinnitus is actually not a disease. It is a symptom, which can be caused due to a number of medical conditions. Tinnitus medically means "ringing in the ears". It means there exists a perception of hissing, ringing or any other sound, even during the absence of any external sound. This may be severe or mild in intensity, constant or intermittent in nature and vary from just a throbbing to a high pitch to an extent that the individual may not be able to hear anything else. It need not be related to a hearing impairment.

The major causes are the damage to the hearing nerve, hearing loss, rupture in eardrum, ear infection, ear wax, tumors, allergies, cardiac and circulatory disorders, deposition of high level of cholesterol and long term application of the drugs as well.

Useful Home Remedies for tinnitus

  1. Basil Leaf

Take some basil leaves. Crush them to form a paste. Extract the juice out of it. Heat the juice till it is lukewarm. Put 2 drops of this lukewarm juice on the affected part. Do it twice daily.

  1. Onion

Make a paste of an onion. Press it on a sieve. Get the juice. Put 2 drops of the juice on the affected ear.

  1. Garlic

This is yet another home remedy, which is helpful for tinnitus. It helps to reduce the inflammation and help in blood circulation through the various parts of the body effectively.

  1. Pineapple

Consume pineapples on a regular basis. It has anti-inflammatory characteristic. It helps in blood circulation of the body. It forms an effective home remedy to treat tinnitus.

  1. Raw Vegetables and Legumes

Consume foods, which are rich in amino acids, vitamins and phytogenic compounds. These help to reduce inflammation, which is essential for treating tinnitus. However, do not take food items containing salicylates. Avoid almonds, blackberries, apples, cucumbers, raspberries, tomatoes.

Important Tips

  • Stop smoking
  • Have low cholesterol, low fat diet
  • Stop consuming caffeine
  • Practice relaxation techniques