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Herbal Remedies For Headaches

What Is A Headache?

Headache is very common disorder. A normal headache does not indicate any serious disorder. Headaches do disturb daily activities and can be troublesome sometimes in daily activities.

Reasons of headache could me many. According to part of the body, pain may be different. Its intensity and duration may be different. The pain may be sharp, dull, constant, pounding and even intermittent. It may include:

  •   Changes in our vision
  •   Difficulty with body balance
  •   High Fever
  •   Increased Sensitivity to light or sound
  •   Annoying Nausea with or without vomiting
  •   Eye, ear, or facial irritating pain
  •   Cold and flu
  •   Drowsiness or Dizziness
  •   Numbness or weakness in head

Different Types Of Headaches

  •   Spinal Headache
  •   Exertion Headache
  •   Allergy Headache
  •   Thunderclap Headache
  •   Sinus Headache
  •   Caffeine Headache
  •   Cervicogenic Headache
  •   Stress Headache

Causes Of Headaches

  •   Over Stressing
  •   Hormonal imbalances
  •   Fluctuating mood swings due to undue stress
  •   Muscle pain, stretch or injury in the back and neck
  •   Over Exhaustion
  •   Feeling hungry and dehydrated
  •   Drug addiction or over-dosage
  •   Sudden withdrawal of Alcohol, caffeine, and sugar.
  •   Carbon monoxide poisoning in house
  •   Headache due to eye pain and vomiting
  •   Headache might get triggered in case of neck stiffness or pain, light sensitivity, fever, and confusion.
  •   Temporomandibular joint disease (TMJ) 

When To Consult A Doctor?

  •   Sudden changes in vision
  •   Headache with a stiff neck or if light hurts your eyes
  •   Worst, throbbing headache
  •   Headache characterized with dizziness, room spinning, or falling to one side
  •   Excessive due to injury or blow to the head
  •   Pain in case of fever (over 100.4 F or 38 C when taken by mouth)
  •   Severe pain felt
  •   Sudden onset of pain
  •   Altered concentration or ability to think
  •   Altered level of alertness
  •   Altered speech
  •   Feeling of Weakness, numbness, or difficulty walking

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Headache/Migraine Care Pack


NEURO Act Capsule  1 Capsule 1 dose thrice daily.
RUMO Act Capsule  1 Capsule
TRESS Act Capsule  1 Capsule
CID Act Capsule  1 Capsule

2 cap twice daily in empty stomach.

DBS Livo Gold Powder  1 Tsf

Twice daily with luke warm water.

Dietary Regimen :

  •  Should take light, easily digestible foods, Amlaki, Bitter items,in Regular intervals, Milk, Ghee, Gulkand.
  •  Should avoid spicy, sour, salty, high in fat content, heavy food items, curd, preserved and fast food.

Yogic Regimen:

Meditation, Pranayama.


Should avoid day sleep, night awakening, acohol, smoking, tea, coffee.