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Ayurvedic Treatment Of Gallstones

If you have pain in upper stomach, upper back which lasts for the several hours, other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, indigestion, digestive problem, bloating, heartburn and gas. In this case you can be the sufferer of gall stones. It has been found that north India has the highest incidence of gallbladder stones and are increasing more frequently than in south India. Occurrence of gall stones is found to be 7.4% in adult population of the Chandigarh and New Delhi in north India. Once there was a time when this disease commonly found in the fat, fertile and female who are around at the age of 40. But now this problem is also found in the young asthenic females in the age of twenties. Gall stones complications are more common in female population (61%) than male population (39%).Female which are at the age of 45-60 years (38.5 %) are at high risk of developing the gall stones problems whereas the male (20.8 %) above 60 are mostly affected.

Gall stones are the solid material that forms in the gallbladder. Gallbladder is an organ which is located below liver. When these solid materials get trapped in the duct inside the gallbladder it causes the abrupt intense abdominal pains that last for 1-5 hours. This type of abdominal pain is named as biliary colic.

Types Of Gallstones:

  1. Cholesterol stones – Cholesterol gallstones are most common type of gallstones and found in 80% people. These gallstones are of yellow green in color and consist of undissolved cholesterol with various other components.
  2. Pigment stones – These are the black or dark brown stones and formed when your bile contains excess bilirubin.

People Who Are More Likely To Develop Gallstones

  •   Obesity - This is the biggest factor because obesity can accelerate cholesterol level and makes it tough for the gallbladder to remain empty.
  •   Woman who takes birth control pills and hormonal replacement therapy are more prone to this problem. Because extra estrogen levels increase the cholesterol levels.
  •   Diabetic patients have the high levels of triglycerides which is a blood fat and results in gallstones.
  •   People who take the medicine to lower down the cholesterol levels which results in the gallstones.

How To Diagnose The Gallstones?

  •   Ultrasound - Ultrasound is a technique which helps to see the images of internal organs of body.
  •   Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography (MCP) - In this technique magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy are used to make the images of internal organs like liver and gallbladder.
  •   Cholescintigarphy (HIDA) - This test is done in order to check that gallbladder squeezes perfectly or not. In this technique doctor inject a harmless radioactive material into the organ and watch its movement.
  •   Endoscopic ultrasound - This test includes the endoscopy and ultrasound for gallstones.

Ayurvedic Outlook

According to Ayurveda there are three energies vata, pitta and kapha which are responsible for a healthy body. Imbalance of any of three energies results in the health complication. Vata dosha is responsible for dryness thus causes the stone problems. Increased pitta dosha which is mainly due to the consumption of spicy food and alcohol also leads to stone formation. Increased kapha dosha also responsible for gall stone problems.


Life style and eating habits affect our health system to a greater extent. So here are some suggestions.


Proper food timings help to keep you away from various health complications so take your food in time like breakfast before 9:30 am, lunch before 1 pm and dinner before 8:30 pm.


  •   Include the fiber in diet.
  •   Take small meals instead of taking large meals. Because small meals are easy to digest and reduce the risk of gallstones.


  •   Reduce fat intake.
  •   Avoid high fat, fried and greasy foods.
  •   Avoid foods like caffeine, high fat dairy products which can cause the diarrhea.