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Natural Treatment Of Skin Problems

About Skin Problems

Who does not want to look beautiful? Yes, we all of us wants to look our best. Skin is the external largest organ that plays an important role in representing our personality. So the first thing that we must concentrate in representing our personality is to take care of our skin. So many skin problems are there, nowadays. Modern lifestyle is playing a crucial role in contributing to such skin problems. But do not worry, the solution to most of the skin problems is available. Let's go to the detailed description of the skin problems and it's most effective and natural solution.

Different Types Of Skin Problems

  1.   Eczema (Atopic dermatitis) is one of a serious skin disorders that involves a group of medical conditions that causes the inflammation and irritation of the skin. The problem mostly occurs before 5 years of age, but can occur at any age. Common symptoms are skin redness, dry scaly skin and blister formation etc.
  2.   Psoriasis is another serious skin disorder that results in the formation of red colored plaques covered with silver colored scales. Red colored patches on the affected area and thickened, ridged nails are the common symptoms.
  3.   Sunburn, acne, pimples, and blisters are the common everyday skin problems. Acne is almost the complaint of most of the adults, especially during their adolescence period.

Natural Solution To Take Care Of Your Skin

Skin being the most important organ of the body, can be well managed with the help of nature's wonderful gift. Yes, I am giving you a real fact that we can maintain all our skin problems with herbs. Herbs are natural and hence, this is the safe way to take care of this external organ. The interesting thing is that- they are free from side effects. And, what we want more? We all feel little scary while using any treatment or cosmetics products to handle any skin problem. So, herbal remedies for skin problems are there.

Before discussing the herbal remedies for skin problems, we should be well aware about the causes behind these skin problems- Ayurvedic approach.

  •   Generally, there are three types of skin, according to Ayurveda. Vata, pitta and kapha skin. Aggravation of vata dosha results in problems in vata skin and vice versa.
  •   Environmental and seasonal factors are the contributing factors for the same.
  •   Dietary habits, unhealthy lifestyle and improper nourishment to the skin can also be the cause.
  •   Stress can aggravate the problem.
  •   Accumulation of the toxins or ama in the body is also responsible for the same.

Treatment Of Skin Problems

Ayurveda, being a source of giving natural treatment for all diseases, handles the skin problems without aggravating already occurring problem. According to Ayurveda- the solution of the skin problems lies deeply into the dhatus or the tissues such as fat, blood and muscles etc.

No doubt, the problem can be treated well by applying cream or oils on the affected part. Remember, the modern treatment is only temporary and the problem may reoccur after sometimes.

In order to get relief from the problem permanently, we should follow the treatment that helps to handle the disease from its root. For that, our holistic Ayurveda is here. It is indeed a blessing to all of us.

The Ayurvedic treatment may take some time and may involve few months. If we are getting the permanent treatment, then we should not be afraid of the duration of the treatment.