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How To Treat Pyorrhoea (Bleeding Gums) Naturally?

What Is Pyorrhoea?

Pyorrhoea is an inflammatory disease. It affects the periodontium (the tissues that surround and support the teeth). After dental decay, it is the second most common disease. It's a slow process, caused due to bacterial action that colonizes on the teeth and the space between the teeth and gums known as sulcus. Due to bacterial actions the acids, enzymes, and toxins have created that decay and erode the teeth structures which support the teeth (gums and bone surrounding the teeth). The alveolar bone around the teeth is progressively lost due to pyorrhoea, and if treatment is not done it leads to the loosening and subsequent loss of teeth. It may lead to loss of teeth. So deposits or tartar on the teeth is the single common factor for pyorrhoea.

What Are The Causes Of Pyorrhoea?

  •   Poor oral hygiene
  •   Diabetes
  •   Smoking
  •   High sugary diet along with carbohydrate diet
  •   Result of gingivitis
  •   Irritation of mouth tissues, allergies and incorrect brushing of teeth
  •   Blood disorders
  •   Indigestion and hyperacidity leads to poor oral hygiene that causes pyorrhea
  •   Use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs that leads to pyorrhea

What Are The Signs & Symptoms Of Pyorrhoea?

  •   Loosening of teeth
  •   Bleeding and redness of gums
  •   Inflammation of gums
  •   Gum pockets
  •   Pus discharge
  •   Bad breath
  •   Mouth ulcers
  •   Receding gums
  •   Bone erosion

What Are The Risk Factors Of Pyorrhoea?

During pyorrhoea when there is accumulation of harmful bacteria in blood it increases the risk of different health conditions mentioned below:

  •   Pyorrhoea cause myocardial infarction (Heart attack) because the bacteria in the blood causes aggregation of platelets which results in clot formation in blood vessels atherosclerosis .
  •   Brain stroke or cerebrovascular stroke due to atherosclerosis may occur due to pyorrhoea.
  •   Increased bacteria may cause memory loss, depression and poor circulation and other brain disorders in persons over 60 years of age.
  •   Accumulation of harmful bacteria in blood due to pyorrhea may cause cancer.
  •   Diabetic patients should have a check as it is difficult to maintain sugar levels of a diabetic patient with pyorrhea.

How To Diagnosis Pyorrhoea?

  •   Redness and bleeding of gums while brushing or biting into hard food.
  •   Gum inflammation after scaling/cleaning.
  •   Progressively gap between teeth.
  •   Halitosis or bad breathe and metallic taste in mouth whole day.
  •   Gum recession.
  •   Deep pockets.
  •   Loose teeth in later stages.

Preventive Measure That Should Be Taken In Pyorrhoea

  •   Effective brushing technique as well as flossing to maintain proper oral hygiene.
  •   Avoid synthetic chemical mouthwashes. As they absorb through the mouth and are toxic and may prevent the formation of healthy bacterial biome in the mouth.

Ayurvedic View

According to Ayurveda gum and teeth related problems are due to vitiated rasa and rakta dhatus. Impaired digestion produce toxins that mix with rasa and rakta dhatu. These toxins cause pyorrhoea.