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Sometimes people feel shy to share their problems with anyone. Shyness is the feeling of awkwardness with the people who surrounds you. People always have the doubts if they will reveal their problems then they will be judged by the other people in society. So many times people hide their problems, feelings and emotions due to society phobia. It is well said that shyness can ruin the many good opportunities in the life. Here shyness is related to sexual disorders. These days many people are suffering from the sexual disorders.

These complications have much negative impact on the personnel life like frictions in the relations of married couples. So don't feel unconformable to share the sexual disorders, go and visit your doctors they will guide you in a good way. Like other health issues sexual diseases are also curable.


Peyronie's disease was described in 1743 by a French surgeon Francois Gigot de la Peyronie. Peyronie's disease is the sexual disorder that occurs in men. This problem occurs due to the trauma or injury which results in the internal bleeding of penis. The problem occurs in young, middle aged and more common in old men. Peyronie's causes the significant pain or bends in the penis which leads to difficulty in erection during sex. It is an erectile dysfunction which also leads to stress and anxiety in men. In very few cases this problem resolves its own. But in severe cases this problem will remain for prolonged period of time. In that case it becomes mandatory to visit doctor for the treatment. Symptoms may appear gradually or overnight. You can't see the problem if penis is soft. In most cases pain get resolves over times but bend in the penis remains as a problem. Some medications have side effects which can result in peyronie disease.


  • Fibrous plaques –Fibrous plaques (Scars) are formed under the skin of penis as a bands of hard tissues or lumps are formed.
  • Bent in penis – In this condition penis get curved upward, downward or bent to one side.
  • Problem in erection – Peyronie's disease may results in the erectile dysfunction.
  • Penis shortening –Penis may get shorten due to peyronie disease.
  • Pain – One can feel the penile pain with or without erection.
  • Difficulty in sexual intercourse – Penile pain occur during the sexual intercourse.


  •   It mainly occurs due to the destruction of blood vessels during sex, while playing or an accident.
  •   Vigorous sexual activities also lead to this problem.
  •   It has also been observed that Peyronie's problem may also occur due to the autoimmune disorders because a couple of patients don't experience any injury.
  •   Certain drugs like blood pressure medications (beta blockers) are also responsible for Peyronie's disease.
  •   It has been studied that genetic factors are also associated with this problem. Because people are more likely to develop this disease if their close relatives have the peyronie's disease.


A physical examination is done by the doctor who involves the measurement of penis. Doctor may also suggest the x ray to observe the presence of fibrous scars.

In severe cases, when doctor is unable to diagnose the problem then biopsy is done in which small tissue is removed from the penis area for lab testing.


It has been seen so many times that Ayurveda has conquered the many diseases whereas modern science couldn't even able to identify. Moreover allopathic medicines have the side effects on human health. On the other hand in Ayurveda it takes time to cure the disease completely and permanently. Ayurveda is considered as holistic approach for the treatment of diseases without any side effects.


  •   Avoid smoking
  •   Exercise regularly
  •   Avoid alcohol consumption
  •   Stop the use of illegal drugs