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Ayurvedic Treatment Of Neurodermatitis

About Neurodermatitis

Neurodermatitis is also dubbed as the Lichen simplex chronicus. It is defined as the skin disorder, which initiates with scaly patches on the skin. Itching is yet another common feature of neurodermatitis. The scratching often leads to focal patches. This cycle often leads to leathery, scaly and thick skin. This happens due to too much rubbing, scratching or itching the skin surface for prolonged periods of time. It is quite similar to the condition of atopic dermatitis.


  •   Scalp
  •   Neck
  •   Shoulders
  •   Wrists
  •   ankles and feet
  •   Back of the hands
  •   Thighs

Neurodermatitis, the condition is neither contagious nor life threatening. But, the extent of itching may be recurrent and intense as well. This may disrupt the normal sexual life of the individuals. This even hampers the sleep and quality of life of the individuals to a huge extent. Getting rid of the itching and scratching sensation is often very difficult and challenging. The only possible way to get rid of the problem is by identifying and eliminating the various factors, which are giving rise to the condition or aggravating the situation on the whole.

Major Causes Of Neurodermatitis

Though the exact cause of this complication is unknown, however, the itching initiates with something, which causes irritation to the skin. Simply by rubbing the substance, irritation starts. This gradually leads to the condition of neurodermatitis. A bug bite or simply wearing very tight clothes may also lead to itching sensation, which may be a cause of neurodermatitis. The condition of neurodermatitis is also linked with other skin disorders. These include eczema, psoriasis or dry skin. Stress, anxiety and depression may also lead to the situation of neurodermatitis. The more you rub the region, the more it starts itching. And, the infection spreads. This gives rise to the condition of neurodermatitis.

Common Symptoms Of Neurodermatitis


  •   Itching
  •   Scaly skin
  •   Patches on the skin
  •   Leathery or thick skin
  •   Slightly elevated lesions of the skin
  •   Rough patches on the skin
  •   Redness
  •   Skin discoloration in various parts of the skin
  •   Permanent scars
  •   Extreme climatic conditions like too much hot, severe cold

The symptoms can be so intense that they often become nonstop. Beside these complications, it's also seen that the patients develop the habit of itching and scratching while during sleeping as well.

Individuals in between the age group of 30 to 50 years often develop the condition of neurodermatitis. Also, women are more prone to this disorder, when compared to the men. Individuals with family background or personal history of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or any other skin related disorder also have the probability of developing neurodermatitis. Only a specific skin patch or part of the skin tends to be affected if the patient is suffering from his skin disorder unlike atopic dermatitis.

Thus, it's advised to visit a doctor if you feel the sensation of repeated itching and scratching of the same part of the body or patch of the skin. Also, if the itching causes disturbance while sleeping or disrupts your daily routine, it's essential that you go and see a doctor immediately. You may be facing the complication of neurodermatitis. Also, if you feel that your skin looks infected, discolored or if you experience pain in any part of the body due to scratching and rubbing, please visit a doctor for a check up.

Ayurvedic Concept Of Neurodermatitis

According to Ayurveda the science of healing, Neurodermatitis is known as "Vicharchika". It is caused due to the lack of proper lifestyle and dietary habits. The pitta dosha often gets aggravated. This vitiates other dhatus and doshas, namely the rakta, mansa and twacha. All these lead to the formation of the toxins, known as "Ama". This ama goes deep inside the skin and the tissues, known as the "dhatus". This results in the occurrence of the disorder, Neurodermatitis.

The condition of neurodermatitis is very chronic. However, with proper treatment the patient can get cured. Here, we shall be discussing about some of the essential herbal remedies to treat the condition of neurodermatitis.

Herbal Remedies For Neurodermatitis By dhanvantary

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