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What is the first thing we usually notice in almost everyone? Yes you are right, eyes are the first thing we notice when we meet someone. Eyes are not only organ of vision in human body, they are essential source of knowledge and main feature of facial beauty too. Eyes are very important part of human body. Eyes are main source of connection between external and internal world. Great mountains, beauty of rivers, depth of oceans, beauty and wonders of world worth meaningless to a blind person. Sources of entertainment, books, games and movies are nothing who is deprived of eyes. These days excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, hard flash lights, excess use of modern devices, stressful and disturbed life style cause numerous eye disorders. Myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, presbyopia are some of very common examples of eye related disorders.


Difficulty to see distant objects is known as myopia. It is also called shortsightedness or nearsightedness. People with myopia has trouble to see far objects. In this defect parallel rays from distant object make focus in front of retina and image looks blurred. It is one of the most common eye problem in recent time.


Main cause of myopia is defect in refractivity of eyes. It also results in debility of nervous system, cold and constipation. Most common cause of this disorder is lack of nutritious diet and bad reading habits. Certain health problems also causes this defect. People who are suffering with diabetes are also more prone to myopia. It is very common defect seen these days but it is manageable too.


  •   Objects that are far situated looks blurred.
  •   Person needs to close eyelashes to see clearly.
  •   Constant headache due to excessive strain.
  •   Rubbing of eyes.
  •   Continuous squinting.
  •   Blinking of eyes excessively.
  •   Difficulty in reading books.
  •   Difficulty to see vehicles while driving usually at night.


  •   Family history
  •   Excessive reading
  •   Environmental factors
  •   Decreased quality of life
  •   Eyestrain
  •   Other eye related disorders


According to Ayurveda alochak pitta is responsible for vision of eyes. Alochak pitta also governs our eyes. It absorbs color and pictures and produces them as visual impressions. When alochak pitta is in its balance gives clear and bright image. Tarpaka kapha is responsible for the lubrication of eyes. Prana vata is responsible for movements and blinking of eyes. Imbalance of all the dosha are responsible for causing this eye defect. Aggravated and vitiated pitta is responsible for various vision related disorders. Due to vitiated alochak pitta, improper diet and lack of nutrition to dhatus of eyes cause this problem. All these factors produce toxins in body and block channels due to which proper nutrition is not reached to optic tissues.


  •   Strictly avoid pungent and sour food.
  •   Avoid eye strain.
  •   Try to walk barefoot on dew covered grass in the morning.
  •   Try to wear sunglasses to protect eyes from ultraviolet radiation.
  •   Never read while lying on bed and in dim light.
  •   Avoid to sit very close to television and computer screens.