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Ayurvedic Treatment Of Insomnia

About Insomnia

  •   Anidra is ayurvedic term used for insomnia. In this state patient's sleep is totally disturbed which affects daily routine. Three vitiated doshas are responsible for anidra. Vata and pitta both are responsible to cause this disease.
  •   High level of vata causes vata imbalance and reason for the stress, anxiety and worry
  •   High levels of pitta fall asleep with body pains and emotional stress as a result it causes fear, anger and negativity.

Sleep-Natural state of rest, our body and mind is completely in rest for several hours. Our lifestyles are changed totally sleeping patterns are changed duration and quantity of sleep both are less these days. 24 hour working life and modern gadgets disturb our lives. Many people are suffering with sleeping disorders. Insomnia is one example of sleeping disorder. It is difficult falling asleep at night.


  1.   Acute insomnia (Short term insomnia)
  2.   Chronic insomnia (Long term insomnia)
  3.   Transient insomnia

Symptoms Of Insomnia

  •   Difficulty in sleeping
  •   Short sleeps in night
  •   Walking up early
  •   Long sleep during day, tiredness
  •   Anger
  •   Depression
  •   Severe headaches
  •   Difficult to concentrate on task
  •   Gastro-intestinal distress

Causes Of Insomnia

Numerous causes are responsible to cause insomnia. Some common causes include:

  •   Stressful life
  •   Emotional distress
  •   Physical injuries
  •   Anxiety
  •   Depression
  •   Environment related factors
  •   Medications related to different diseases
  •   Disturbed sleeping patterns
  •   Allergies
  •   Too much consumption of alcohol
  •   Extra intake of caffeine and nicotine
  •   Disturbed eating habits
  •   Heart problems
  •   Hormonal imbalance
  •   Excess physical activities

Risk Factors

  •   Females
  •   Old age above 60 years
  •   Stressful physical and mental life
  •   Mental disorders
  •   Changing shifts
  •   Regular night shifts
  •   Travelling long distances


Dietary Guidelines


  •   Banana - Eat some slices of banana before going to bed because banana contains serotonin a chemical in brain that help us to sleep.
  •   Cherry - Raw cherry fruit or one glass of cherry juice also helps to treat insomnia because of melatonin
  •   Chamomile - ¼ glass of juice of chamomile flowers or teaspoon of chamomile flowers play a vital role to treat insomnia
  •   Warm Milk – One glass of warm milk make us relaxed and getting closer to fall sleep.
  •   Lavender - Lavender is herbal tonic to our nervous system. Massage of lavender oil helps to induce sleep.
  •   Lettuce - Lettuce is full of sedative properties and it is useful in insomnia.
  •   Kava - Kava is a drink helps to relax and sooth our body and feels us fresh.


  •   Legumes - soya bean and peas.
  •   Green leafy vegetables like cabbage, spinach and coriander
  •   Fishes - Tuna and salmon
  •   Eggs
  •   Tofu
  •   Nuts
  •   Lentils
  •   All types of beans
  •   Brown rice
  •   Whole grains
  •   Fruits- Figs, Grapefruit and oranges
  •   Seeds like sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds
  •   Kale
  •   Almonds
  •   Dried apricots
  •   Honey


  •   Pork
  •   Cheese
  •   Energy drinks
  •   Tea
  •   Coffee
  •   Fast food
  •   Chocolates
  •   Fat rich diet
  •   High protein diet
  •   Sugar sweeteners
  •   Spicy food
  •   Artificial flavors


  •   Try to eat in very little.
  •   Try to eat early.
  •   Try to avoid heavy meals during night.
  •   Try to make a particular sleep schedule every night.
  •   Avoid afternoon nap.
  •   Regular walks every day.
  •   Try to make habit of exercise regularly.
  •   Regular yoga.
  •   Proper medications.
  •   Aromatic bath