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Diet Care for Sinusitis

Sinusitis is one of the common conditions that affect people who live in polluted areas. Among the common symptoms, acute and lasting pain in the nasal passages is the most prominent. According to Ayurveda, imbalance of Prana Vata and Shelshaka Kapha leads to sinusitis. Healthy diet plays a major role in reducing inflammation and boosts the immunity. Anti-inflammatory diet is ideal for sinusitis.

To Avoid To Consume
Tomatoes Zucchini
Lemon Sweet potato
Peas Pumpkin
Eggplant Ginger
- Red onion
- Cauliflower
- Mushrooms
- Fenugreek leaves
- Potato
Refined flour and its products Wheat
- White rice
- Brown rice
- Finger millet
- Foxtail millet
- Pearl millet
Orange Apple
Pineapple Banana
Blueberries Water melon
Strawberries Muskmelon
Lime Avocado
Banana Litchi
- Pomegranate
- All pulse and legumes
Dairy Products
Whole milk and cream Tofu
Curd Soy milk
Buttermilk -
Full-fat yoghurt -
Cream cheese -
Red chilies Cumin
- Coriander
- Turmeric
- Ginger
- Pepper
- Fennel
- Cinnamon
Whole milk drinks Coconut water
Cream based liqueurs Clear soups
canned soup and packaged soup homemade soups
Alcohol Herbal tea
Sweetened drinks homemade juices
Squashes -
Processed and fried meat Egg white
Red meat- (Beef, Lamb, Pork) Chicken
Cream Cow ghee
Palm oil Sunflower oil
- Canola oil
- Olive oil
- Mustard oil
- Rice bran oil
Dry Fruits/Seeds
- Almond
- Raisins
- Ground Nuts
- Cashew
Other Foods
Bakery and Processed Foods Jaggery
Fried Food -
Junk Food -
Pickles -
Artificial Sweeteners -
Packed Soups -
Refined Sugar -

Diet Plan For Sinusitis

Early Morning

Herbal tea / Green tea/ Almonds/ Walnuts


Veg dalia / Rice flakes/ Ragi roti/ Chapatti with veg or Dal / 1 - Egg white portion only


Fruit / Coconut water / Herbal tea / Green tea / Salad


Chapatti /Brown Rice /Sago(Sabudana) khichdi/ Vegetable with Dal / Salad/ Non- veg ( once in a week)


Sprouts / Green tea / Herbal tea / Salad/ Fox nut( Makhane)/ Ginger tea


Chapatti / Brown Rice / Vegetable with Dal

Important Tips

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid over use of caffeine.
  • Do not use refined sugar.
  • Avoid simple crabs, saturated and trans fats.
  • Add foods from all food groups.
  • Avoid consumption of packed foods.