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Diet Care for Renal Diabetic

Diabetic kidney disease is a type of kidney disease caused by diabetes. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease. About 1 out of 4 adults with diabetes has kidney disease. A high blood sugar in the blood damages the millions of tiny filtering units of kidney leading to kidney failure. Low protein, low sodium, and low fat diet are prescribed for patients of diabetes with chronic renal failure. Avoid simple sugars and sweets, carbonated drinks, caffeine, alcohol, fried food, salty foods etc.

To Avoid To Consume
Tomato Pumpkin
Eggplant Carrot
Beans Cabbage
Garlic Turnip
Spinach Onion
Swiss chard Radish
Mushroom Ginger
Cucumber Lettuce,Asparagus
Frozen vegetables Broccoli
Raw salad -
White refined flour Whole grains
Brown rice Rice flakes
White pasta Semolina
Brown bread Vermicelli
Bakery products Puffed rice
Noodle Wheat flour
Pasta White rice
Banana Apple
Coconut Pear
Dates Papaya
Kiwi Pomegranate
Apricot -
All canned and packaged fruits -
Fruits with seeds -
All whole pulses-Black gram Yellow lentil
Bengal gram Orange lentils
White chickpea Split pigeon peas
Kidney beans Split chickpeas
Nutri-nuggets -
Soybean -
Green gram -
Dairy Products
Whole milk and Cream -
Cottage cheese -
Butter -
Full-fat yogurt -
Cream cheese -
Condensed milk -
Curd -
Excessive salt Coriander
Red and green Chilies Mint
Salt Black pepper
- Cumin
- Fennel
- Carmon
- Cardamom
Carbonated beverages Homemade vegetable soup
Soya milk Green tea
Coconut water Herbal tea
canned soup -
packaged soup and canned fruit juices -
caffeinated drinks -
Alcohol -
Fried or Processed meats Egg white portion only
Prawns -
Lobster -
Crab -
Sausages -
Mutton -
Cashew nuts 5 almonds (soak in water overnight)
Pistachio -
Peanuts -
Cream Mustard
Palm oil Safflower
- Sunflower
- Ghee

Diet Plan For Renal Diabetic

Early Morning

Herbal tea


Veg upma / Veg Dalia / Veg poha / Suji chila / Veg Sewian / Stuffed Chapatti / Chapatti with veg / Chapatti with veg or dal / 1 Egg white part only


Fruit (Steamed) / Salad (Steamed)


Boiled Rice / Wheat chapatti / Sago halwa / Khichri (sago rice) / Veg khichri / Veg Dalia with Veg and Dal


Home-made Soup / Herbal tea / Rice flakes


Boiled Rice / Plain chapatti / Veg khichri / Veg Dalia / Veg with Dal