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Diet Care for Menopause

Menopause officially occurs when you go a full year without getting your period. It is a time when some things have to change, and that includes your nutritional habits. As hormone levels change, your body starts working differently. But with good nutrition, you can help prevent and ease the symptoms and signs of menopause. During menopause, you are at an increased risk of gaining weight due to various factors including age and hormonal fluctuations. A healthy menopause can be maintained with low-carbs diet and reducing the symptoms by including lots of vegetables, fruits, omega 3 fatty acids, and proteins. Avoiding certain foods like carbonated drinks, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, salty, fried and junk foods may improve the symptoms of menopause.

To Avoid To Consume
Overcooked vegetables Brussels Sprouts
Red and Green chili Beans
Coconut Cauliflower
Frozen vegetables Garlic
- Onion
- Squash
- Peas
- Artichokes
White refined flour Wheat flour
White rice Oatmeal
Noodle Whole grains cereals
Pasta Porridge
Macaroni Finger millet
Maggie Corn
Dried and frozen pulses All Pulses
- Legumes
- Nutri nuggets
- Soybean and its products
All canned and packaged fruits Banana
- Prunes
- Lemon
- Papaya
- Pineapple
- Avocado
- Apples
- Mango
- Amla
- Pomegranate
Fried or Processed meats Egg white portion
Prawns Lean meat
Lobster Skinless chicken
Crab Fish like Sardines,Salmon,Tuna,Mackerel,Herring fish
Dark meat poultry -
Turkey -
Red chilli Fennel
- Cumin
- Basil
- Mint
- Cinnamon
- Black pepper
- Nutmeg
Unsaturated fats Cow ghee
Cream Mustard oil
Palm oil Olive oil
Butter Soybean oil
- Canola oil
- Rice bran oil
Dairy Products
Whole milk and Cream Low-fat milk
Butter Cheese
Full-fat yogurt Buttermilk
Cream cheese Yogurt
Condensed milk Tofu
- Soya milk
Dry Fruits
Pistachio Raisins
Peanuts Almond
- Brazil nuts
- Cashew nuts
- Walnuts
- Hazelnuts
- Macadamia nuts
- Sunflower seeds
- Hemp seeds

Diet Schedule For Menopause

Early Morning

Fenugreek water


Veg Dalia / Veg Upma / Veg Poha / Besan Chilla (Gram flour) / Stuffed Chapatti / Chapatti with veg or dal / Brown Bread Sandwich / Missi chapatti with 2 Eggs white portion


Fruit / Coconut water/ Sprouts / Salad


Plain chapatti / Ragi chapatti / Vegetable with Dal, Curd and Salad


Milk / Fruit shakes / Rice flakes snack / Sprouts / Home-made Soup / Herbal tea / Roasted Chana


Plain chapatti / Ragi chapatti / Vegetable with Dal