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Diet Care for Lower Triglycerides and Lower Cholesterol

Triglycerides and cholesterol are the most common type of fat in the blood known as lipids. The food that people eat, whether it is from animal or plant sources, can affect the levels of triglycerides in the blood. Triglycerides are important for health, but high levels increase the risk of heart disease, which is the leading cause of death. A diet low in saturated fats, low cholesterol, and low-fat is recommended to reduce high triglycerides. All baked products, red meat, high-fat, refined carbohydrates, sugar beverages, junk foodand fried food prepared in hydrogenated oil should be avoided as they may increase the triglyceride levels.

To Avoid To Consume
Yam Dark green leafy especially Spinach and Kale
Sweet potatoes Asparagus
Taro roots Broccoli
Jackfruit Carrots
Dried beans Onion
Chips and roasted potatoes Bottle gourd
Crisp and Cheese filled snacks Ridge gourd
- Cauliflower
Sweet biscuit Whole wheat flour
Cream filled biscuit Oats
Cream crackers Whole grains cereals
Cheese biscuits Porridge
Noodles Brown rice
Pasta Rice flakes
Macaroni Puffed rice
White refined flour Whole grain bread
White rice -
White bread -
Corns -
Coconut -
Fruit in syrup -
Mango -
Grapes -
Sapodilla -
Dried and frozen pulses All Pulses and Lentils
- Soya products
Dairy Products
Whole milk and cream Low-fat milk
Cream cheese Curd
Condensed milk Low-fat yogurt
Cocoa butter Tofu
Full-fat yoghurt Buttermilk
Cottage cheese -
Condensed milk -
Red chili and Table Salt Fennel
- Turmeric
- Cumin
- Thyme
- Black pepper
- Coriander
- Rock Salt (limited)
- Cardamom
Whole milk drinks Coconut water
Cream based liqueurs Buttermilk
Canned soup and packaged soup Clear soups
Alcohol Home-made soups
Sweetened drinks Lemon juice
Squashes Green tea
Hot chocolate drinks Soy milk
Diet soda Herbal tea
- Gooseberry juice
- Pomegranate juice
Fish fried in suitable oil Eggs (white part)
Prawns Roasted or Grilled
Pork Lean meat
Lamb Skinless chicken
Ham -
Turkey -
Sausages -
Dry Fruits
Cashew nuts Flax seeds
Pistachio Chia seeds
Peanuts Sunflower seeds
Raisins Walnuts
- Almonds
Trans fat foods Olive oil
Butter Canola oil
Palm oil Cow ghee
Coconut oil Rice bran oil
Hydrogenated oil Soybean oil

Diet Schedule For Lower Triglycerides and Lower Cholesterol

Early Morning

One glass of water with 1 tsp Fenugreek seeds


Fruits / Salad / Lemon water / Coconut water / Buttermilk


Plain chapatti / Missi roti / Boiled Rice / Veg / Dal with Curd and Steamed salad


Herbal Tea / Green tea / Roasted Chana with Rice flakes / Sprouts


Veg / Home-made Chicken Soups


Plain chapatti / Missi chapatti / Boiled Rice / Veg with Dal and Steamed salad Grilled Fish OR Chicken (once a week)