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Diet Care for Hernia

A hiatal hernia occurs when part of the stomach enters the chest cavity through a hole in the diaphragm. Usually, a hiatal hernia does not cause noticeable symptoms. The main causes of hernia are obesity, smoking, heavy weight lifting, overexertion and poor nutrition. One of the most common hernias is inguinal and femoral hernia. Balanced diet rich in complex carbs, plant based proteins and unsaturated fats are beneficial in hernia. Avoid foods which are difficult to digest.

To Avoid To Consume
Tomatoes Zucchini
Potatoes Sweet potato
Garlic Pumpkin
Onion Celery
Green chilies Coriander
Red chilies Broccoli
- Cauliflower
- Kale
- Mushrooms
- Spinach
- Carrot
- Peas
- Fenugreek leaves
- Yam
- Bottle gourd
- Bitter gourd
- Brussels sprouts
- Lettuce
Rye Wheat
Barley Brown rice
- Finger millet
- Foxtail millet
- Pearl millet
- Buckwheat
- Little millet
Orange Banana
Apple Water melon
Mango Muskmelon
Strawberries Avocado
Grapes Coconut
Blueberries Pomegranate
- Litchi
- Custard apple
- Sapodilla
- Papaya
Dairy Products
Milk -
Cheese -
Buttermilk -
Butter -
Curd -
Mustard Cumin
Pimento Coriander
Nutmeg Turmeric
- Ginger
- Pepper
- Fennel
- Cinnamon
Cream Cow ghee
Palm oil Sunflower oil
Coconut oil Olive oil
- Mustard oil
Whole milk drinks Coconut water
Cream based liqueurs Homemade soups
canned soup and packaged soup Green juice
Alcohol Herbal tea
Sweetened drinks -
Squashes -
- Carbonated drinks
Red meat- (Beef,Lamb,Pork) Egg white
Processed and fried meat Chicken (Once in a week)
Fishes (Tilefish,Shark,Swordfish,King Mackerel,Marlin,Bluefin Tuna). -
Dry Fruits
- Almond
- Raisins
- Ground Nuts
- Walnut
- Peanuts
- Pistachio
- Cashew
- Flax Seeds
- Sunflower Seeds
- Sesame Seeds

Diet Schedule For Hernia

Early Morning

Luke warm water /Herbal tea / Green tea


veg Dalia / Veg oats / veg upma / Veg poha / Vermicelli (Sewia)/ Chapatti with veg or Dal


Fruit / Coconut water / Herbal tea / Green tea / Salad/Fruit juice


Chapatti / Boiled Rice / Vegetable with Dal / Salad/Non – veg (once in week)


Sprouts / Green tea / Home-made Soup / Herbal tea / Salad /Roasted Grams


Chapatti / Boiled Rice / Vegetable with Dal