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Diet for Patients with Bell's Palsy

Affecting one or both sides of the face, Bell's palsy is a neurological disorder that affects the facial nerves. Often causing facial muscle weakness or paralysis, the condition can make talking, laughing, eating and swallowing a difficult task. Although diet does not have a direct impact on Bell's palsy, eating a healthy diet with appropriate textures can encourage quicker healing and prevent choking.

Food products
To Avoid To Consume
Whole grains are good but white flour and wheat should be avoided/limited in this problem. Oatmeal with milk
- Brown rice
- Cereal
- Millet
Grapes Banana
Citrus fruits/Limit them Apple
- Avocado
- Pineapple
Tomato Spinach
- Cauliflower
- Broccoli
- Green beans
- Asparagus

Note – These vegetables are the rich source of vitamin B6 thus helps in nerve repair.

Non Veg
- All meat product
- Seafood
- Eggs
- Fish

Note – They are rich source of vitamin B12 hence helpful in nerve repair.

Almost all the spices are good for this problem because they help to reduce the pain. Ginger
- Turmeric
- Celery
- Garlic
- Fenugreek
- Cumin
- Fennel

Note – These spices have anti inflammatory properties which helps to reduce the pain in Bell's palsy.

Dried and frozen pulse All pulses
Black gram -
Whole refined flour and White rice. Whole grains
- Oatmeal
- Finger millet
- Soya
- Corn
- Millet
- Quinoa
Alcohol Milk
Carbonated beverages Homemade soup
Canned soup Carrot juice
packaged soup and canned fruit juices Bitter Gourd juice
Caffeinated drinks Aloe Vera juice
Coffee Green tea
Tea Herbal tea
Other Food Items
Avoid foods which contain the artificial colors and preservatives. Yogurt
Soya Cheese
Nuts Milk
Wheat Apricots
Corn Black beans
Bread Kidney beans
Pasta Lentils
- Fried foods
- Doughnuts
- Chocolate

Diet Chart For Bell's Palsy

Early Morning

A glass of Fenugreek water


Veg upma / Veg Dalia / Veg Vermicelli (Sewian) / Veg poha / Veg Idli / Brown Bread Sandwich / Besan chilla (gram flour) / Stuffed Chapatti / Chapatti with Veg or Dal / 1 Eggs white portion


Fruit / Coconut water / Steamed salad


Plain chapatti / Veg pulao / Boiled rice / Veg khichri / Veg Dalia / Vegetable + Dal + Salad


Herbal tea / Green tea / Steamed Sprouts

Before Dinner

Soup (Home-made)


Plain chapatti / Vegetable / Khichari + Dal

Things To Remember

  • 6-Soaked Almond per day.
  • Skipping of meals should be avoided, especially the breakfast.
  • Walk for at least 30-45 min is recommended.
  • Whole fruit should be preferred to fruit juices.
  • Water intake should be increased at least 8-10 glass regularly.