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Diet Care for Headache

Headache is one of the common medical complaints experienced by most of the people at some point of their life. Headache can be a sign of stress, either physical or mental. Skipping meals and fasting can trigger it. The first step in the nutritional management of diet-triggered headaches is eating a well-balanced diet. It is especially important to eat three meals a day with a snack at night or 6 small meals spread through out the day. You should include a good protein source at each meal/snack (i.e. milk, meat, fish) and should avoid eating high sugar foods by themselves, especially when excessively hungry. These actions will help to prevent the “hunger headache.”

To Avoid To Consume
Broccoli Pumpkin
Cauliflower Squash
Cabbage Asparagus
Beans Turnip
leafy dark green vegetables Potatoes
tomatoes Cucumber
Peas Zucchini
Broad beans Carrot
Mushroom Bitter guard
Sweet potato Round guard
Taro root Ridge round
Yam Bottle guard
Jackfruits Ginger
Whole refined flour Barley
White breads Oats
White rice Brown rice
Soybean All pulses and Legumes
Dried and frozen pulses -
Citrus fruits Apple
Avocado Papaya
Bananas Pear
Pineapple Sapodilla
Raspberries Musk melon
Plums Watermelon
bananas Pomegranate
oranges -
Diary Products
Whole milk and cream -
Full-fat yoghurt -
cheese -
Condensed milk -
Red chili powder Fennel
Black Peppers Turmeric
- Mint
- Cumin
- Carom
- Coriander
Milk Homemade soup
Lime water Carrot juice
Soya milk Bitter Gourd juice
Buttermilk Aloe Vera juice
Lemon water Herbal tea
Alcohol Green tea
Carbonated beverages like Coke, Limca, Pepsi, Fanta etc. Ginger tea
Canned soup -
Packaged soup and Canned fruit juices -
Meat Egg white
Fish fried Prawns Boiled egg
Lobster Salmon
Crab Tuna
Lean beef Skinless chicken
Pork Lean meat (Grilled/ Roasted)
Lamb -
Dry Fruits
Peanuts Flax seed
Raisins Sesame seeds
- Sunflower seeds
- Walnut
- Almond
Oils & Fats
Unsaturated fats Cow ghee
Cream Mustard oil
Palm oil Olive oil

Diet Chart For Headache

Early Morning

Ginger tea


Veg upma / Veg Dalia / Veg Vermicelli (Sewian) / Veg poha / Veg Idli / Besan pancake (gram flour) / Stuffed Chapatti / Chapatti with Veg or dal / Curd + 1 Eggs white portion


Fruit / Coconut water / Salad / Ginger tea / Herbal tea


Mix chapatti / Plain chapatti / Veg pulao / Boiled rice / Vegetable with Dal


Herbal tea / Green tea / Roasted Chana / Rice flakes snack


Home-Made Soup / Chamomile Tea


Mix chapatti / Plain chapatti / Vegetable with Dal