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Diet Care for Digestion Support

The digestive system breaks food down into nutrients and energy that the body can use. Some types of food, including vegetables and yogurt, can help this process of digestion. Indigestion happens when the taken meal is unable to digest in a stimulated time. And then the most common problems of the digestive tract arises such as discomfort, fullness, pain, bloating, indigestion, acidity, constipation and heart burn. An unhealthy diet or lifestyle can cause above digestive issues. Bad eating habits and unhealthy diet, such as eating too quickly or skipping meals are responsible for arising Digestive disorders.

To Avoid To Consume
Sweet potato Pumpkin
Jackfruit Ginger
Capsicum Celery
Raw Salad Ridge gourd
Garlic Round gourd
Taro root Red onion
Kale Zucchini
Mushrooms Coriander
Spinach Radish
Yam Cabbage
Okra Cauliflower
Canned vegetables and frozen vegetables Carrot
Refined flour and its products Wheat
- White rice
- Semolina
- Vermicelli
- Millets
Citrus fruits Apple
Mango Banana
Dates Water melon
Litchi Muskmelon
Canned fruits and juices Pear
- Pomegranate
- Papaya
Whole pulses Split pulses only
Dairy Products
Milk Curd
Tofu Yogurt
Full-fat yoghurt Buttermilk (occasionally)
Cream cheese -
Condensed milk -
unpasteurized cheese -
Red chilies Cumin
- Coriander
- Turmeric
- Ginger
- Black pepper
- Fennel
Whole milk drinks Coconut water
Cream based liqueurs Sugarcane juice
canned soup and packaged soup homemade soups
Alcohol Green juice
Sweetened drinks Herbal tea
Squashes Buttermilk
Carbonated drinks -
Dry Fruits
Pistachio Almonds
Cashew -
Peanuts -
Raisin -
Walnut -
Pumpkin Seeds -
- Chia Seeds
- Flax Seeds
- Sunflower Seeds
- Sesame Seeds
Processed and fried meat Egg white occasionally
Red meat -
Fish Turkey -
Rabbit -
Fish Roe -
Cream Cow ghee
Palm oil Mustard oil
Butter Rice bran oil
Sunflower oil -

Diet Chart For Digestion Support

Early Morning

Fennel water / Lukewarm water


Broken wheat porridge / veg upma / Veg Vermicelli / Missi Roti /Veg poha / Chapatti with Veg or Dal / Occasionally (Stuffed Chapatti)


Herbal tea / Any Fruit / Coconut water


Chapatti / Rice / Salad / Vegetable / Dal / Veg Khichri / Veg Dalia


Homemade soup / Herbal tea / Green tea / Lemongrass tea


Chapatti / Boiled rice / Veg Khichri / Veg Dalia with Vegetable and Dal

Bed Time

Fennel seeds with water