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Diet Care for Common Cold

The common cold is a self-limited contagious disease that can be caused by a number of different types of viruses. The common cold is medically referred to as a viral upper respiratory tract infection. Symptoms of the common cold may include cough, sore throat, low-grade fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, and sneezing. It is not a life threatening condition but it can lead to discomfort in breathing. According to Ayurveda, common cold occurs when digestive fire (AGNI) did not burn toxins of body (Ama) and results in phlegm formation. Kapha pacifying diet is ideal in common cold.

To Avoid To Consume
Okra Broccoli
Eggplant Cabbage
Taro roots Celery
- Asparagus
- Carrot
- Chard
- Coriander
- Green beans
- Onion
- Cauliflower
- Radish
- Potato
- Ginger
White rice Barley
- Granola
- Rye
- Amaranth
- Corn
- Millet
Prunes Apple
Cherries Cranberries
Figs Pomegranate
Grapes Apricots
Mango Papaya
Melons Litchi
- Orange
- Peach
- Date
Dairy Products
Cottage cheese Cow ghee
- Milk
- Sour cream
- Yoghurt
- Buttermilk
- Sour cream
- Black Pepper
- Cardamom
- Cloves
- Mustard
- Turmeric
- Asafetida
- Basil
- Cinnamon
- Cilantro
- Cumin
Whole milk drinks Coconut water
canned soup and packaged soup Homemade soups
Alcohol Green juice
Sweetened drinks Herbal tea
Squashes -
- Carbonated drinks
- Caffeinated drinks
Processed and fried meat Egg white
Red meat- (Beef,Lamb,Pork) Chicken (Once in a week)
Fishes –( Tilefish,Shark,Swordfish,King Mackerel,Marlin,Bluefin Tuna) -
Duck -
Turkey -
Dry Fruits
- Almond
- Raisins
- Ground Nuts
- Walnut
- Peanuts
- Pistachio
- Cashew
Cream Mustard
Palm oil Safflower
- Sunflower
- Ghee

Diet Chart For Common Cold

Early Morning

Warm water


Veg upma / Veg Dalia / Veg Vermicelli (Sewian) / Veg poha (Rice flakes) / Veg Idli / Brown Bread Sandwich / Besan pancake (gram flour) / Stuffed Chapatti / Chapatti with Veg or Dal / 1 Egg white portion


Fruit / Fruit juice / Herbal tea / Coconut water


Chapatti + Vegetable / Dal + Salad


Herbal tea / Green tea / Roasted Grams / Rice flakes snack


Chapatti + Vegetable + Dal