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Diet Plan for Patients of Anemia

Anaemia is a condition that develops when our body does not receive enough oxygen to fulfill its needs. The lack of oxygen occurs due to deficiency of red blood cells or low levels of hemoglobin pigment that binds with oxygen.

The deficiency of red blood cells could be due to low count of RBC's due to destruction or due to abnormality in the RBC structure.

Tips to increase iron absorption in the body:

  • Refraining from eating foods rich in calcium or phytates with those rich in iron.
  • Eating iron-rich foods alongside those rich in vitamin C.
  • Cooking foods for shorter periods.
  • Cooking food in Iron vessels.
To Avoid To Consume
Canned vegetables Fenugreek
- Spinach
- Broccoli
- Pumpkin
- Carrot
- Tomato
Grapes Apples
Frozen and Canned fruits Pears
- Figs
- Apricots
- Kiwi
- Orange
- Guava
- Pomegranate
Whole refined flour and its products Rice
Brown rice Barley
Maggie Quinoa
Whole wheat -
Oats -
Sorghum -
Corn -
Kidney beans Lentils
Chick peas (in limit) Legumes Moong beans
Frozen and dried pulses -
Dairy Products
Cheese Skimmed Milk
Cream Curd
- Yoghurt
- Butter
- Butter milk
Sea salt should be taken in limit. Turmeric
- Fenugreek
- Parsley
- Black pepper
- basil
- cardamom
Carbonated drinks Herbal tea
Alcohol homemade fruit juice
Canned juices Green juice
Preserved juices wheatgrass juice
Coffee coconut water
Tea Amla juice
Maple syrup -
Beef Chicken
pork Shrimp
- Fish (tuna,salmon)
- sea food
Margarine Canola oil
- olive oil
- cow ghee
- Mustard oil
- sunflower oil
Other Foods
Spicy food Honey
Deep fried food Jaggery
Desserts Tofu (limited quantity)
Sugar -
White bread -
- Pasta

Diet Chart For Anemia

Early Morning

Warm water / soaked almonds / Cashew / Walnuts.

Broken wheat porridge / veg upma / Veg Vermicelli / Veg poha / Veg Idli / Brown Bread Sandwich / Semolina pancake / Besan pancake (gram flour) / Missi Roti / Stuffed Chapatti / Chapatti with Veg or Dal / Skimmed Milk / + Egg white

Fruit / Fruit juice / Herbal tea / Coconut water / Dates


Chapatti + Rice + Salad + Vegetable + Dal / Baked or steam chicken


Roasted gram / Rice flakes / homemade soup / Vermicelli / Poha / Herbal tea


Chapatti with Vegetable and Dal