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Diet Plan for Patients of Piles

Piles or Hemorrhoids develop due to the thickening of veins in the anus causing the swelling and itching in the rectum and anus. Any one suffering from piles feel severe pain while passing stools and it's annoying. Two types of piles-internal and external piles or both these types can be in a patient. Avoid foods that are hard to digest instead include foods that improve digestion like high-fibre diet & probiotics.
The ideal diet for pile sufferers must be high in fiber rich foods including leafy vegetables, salads, unpeeled fruits, and soybeans etc. As well drink plenty of water to avoid constipation.
During Piles avoid, minimize or eliminate high (carbohydrates, fats and very high protein rich diet). Spicy foods are best avoided.
Prime goal of diet is to get free from gastric, bleeding, constipation and hard stools problem. Take a look at the healthy food to cure piles naturally.

Diet Chart Below for better healthy & happy Life:-


To Consume

To Avoid

· Green Leafy Vegetables (Spinach, Kale, Cabbage, Brussels)

· Asparagus

· Broccoli

· Tomatoes

· Cauliflower

· Onions

· Fenugreek Leaves

· Cucumber

· Squash

· Turnips

· Carrots

· Celery

· Zucchini

· Okra

· Coriander

· Mushrooms

· Artichokes

· Bottle gourd

· Ridge gourd

· Round gourd

· Bitter gourd

· Avoid Chilies (Especially Red & Green Chilies)

Vegetables can be consumed either as salads (steamed or Raw) or in the form of veggie soups or juices.


To Consume

To Avoid

· Apple

· Prune

· Figs

· Papaya

· Coconut

· Litchi

· Watermelon

· Muskmelon

· Orange

· Guava

· Pears

· Blueberries

· Pomegranate

· Oranges

· Mango

· Lime

· Banana

· Avocados

Fruit juices can be consumed or Fruit Salads


To Consume

To Avoid

· Barley

· Chickpeas

· Wheat

· Corn

· Peas

· Kidney Beans

· Millet

· Soy Beans

· Lentils

· Avoid refined whole grains

· White flour


To Consume

To Avoid

· Cumin

· Turmeric

· Mint

· Fennel

· Coriander

· Carom (Ajwain)

· Fenugreek

Try to have simple and plain food or limit almost every spice but especially,

· Salt (Very less)

· Red Chili Powder(Avoid)

· Peppers


To Consume

To Avoid

· Two boiled egg whites

Avoid Non Veg as they are very high in fats especially:

· Red Meat

· Processed and Frozen Meat

Oils/Other Foods

To Consume

To Avoid

· Cow Ghee

· Mustard Oil

· Olive Oil

· Groundnut Oil

· Soybean Oil

· Saturated Milk

· Yoghurt

· Wheat Grass

· Nuts (Walnuts, Almonds & Hazelnut)

· Honey

· Sesame seeds

· Flex Seeds

· Aloe Vera

· Buttermilk

· Tofu

· Too much salty food

· Junk food

· Deep Fried Foods

· Spicy Food

· Cake

· Sweet meat

· Milk chocolate

· Coffee

· Alcohol

· Maida biscuits

· Fat Cheese

· Tea

· Dark Chocolate

· Butter

The patients suffering from piles, are advised to strictly follow the diet chart. This is because; if they fail to follow then the situation can get worse.