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Diet Plan for Liver Diseases

Liver is the most important organ of human body. The functioning of this organ is very important to remain healthy and fit. However, due to improper dietary intake, a lot of liver related disorders occur. Common liver related disorders are Cirrhosis of liver, alcoholic Liver disease, non-alcoholic Liver diseases, hepatitis and many more. All the various Liver diseases have various causes. Too much consumption of alcohol gives rise to liver related disorders. Also, some disorders are hereditary. Intake of unhygienic food items and consumption of alcohol, beverages may also lead to the various Liver diseases. Unhealthy lifestyle and unbalanced diet are few more reasons. The major symptoms are paleness, stomach-ache, weakness, and nausea etc. When, the Liver disease becomes too severe, it may eventually lead to death.
Thus, it is highly recommended to people suffering from Liver diseases that they must maintain a proper dietary structure. The given diet chart is helpful for patients, who are suffering from the Liver diseases. It is strictly advised that the chart shall be followed with proper care so that the patient gets relief from the Liver diseases and associated symptoms to a huge extent.





· Canned Vegetables and vegetable juice

· Garlic

· Beetroot

· Carrots

· Bitter gourd

· Bottle gourd

· Round gourd

· Ridge gourd

· Pumpkin

· Dandelion Greens

· Spinach

· Mustard Greens

· Chicory

· Cruciferous Vegetables like Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cabbage

· Sweet Potatoes

· Kale

· Tomatoes

· Winter squash

· Lettuce






· Grapes

· Avocado

· Apple

· Lemon

· Lime

· Walnut

· Mangoes

· Apricot

· Watermelon

· Oranges

· Berries

· Guava

· Papaya



Non Veg

Non Veg

· Red meat

· Smoked and canned fish

· Lean Meat

· Cold water fish like mackerel, salmon and herring

· Skinless chicken





· Table Salt

· Turmeric

· Oregano

· Pepper

· Cumin

· Coriander

· Fennel

· Thyme



Other food products

Other food products

· Alcohol

· Butter

· Margarine

· Mayonnaise

· Chips

· Pastries

· Cakes

· Pizza

· Lasagne

· Processed sugar

· Pies

· Sweets

· Chocolates

· Bacon

· Sausage

· Frozen food

· Soy sauce

· Soda

· High fat Milk

· Green Tea

· Olive Oil

· Quinoa

· Millet

· Buckwheat

· Brown Bread

· Brown rice

· Whole Wheat Pasta

· Flaxseeds

· Low Fat Milk

· Egg

· Tofu

· Cottage Cheese

· Kidney beans

· Oats

Liver, the most important organ of the human body that needs to be taken care of. The functioning of this essential organ is extremely important to maintain the overall well-being and health of an individual. The diet chart prepared has prepared in account of nutrients like fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and many more. Thus, follow the diet chart strictly and lead a healthy life.