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Diet Plan for Patients of Amyloidosis

Amyloidosis is a group of diseases that occurs when a substance called amyloid builds up in your organs. Amyloid is an abnormal protein that is produced in your bone marrow and can be deposited in various tissue or organ of the body. There are over 30 different amyloid proteins. Each amyloid protein is arranged in a structure called a fibril. Fibrils are low molecular weight proteins that are derived from precursor proteins. Fibrils of amyloid can float in the plasma of blood and deposit into tissues of the body. Amyloidosis condition is affecting fewer than 4,000 people in the United States each year), but it can be fatal.


To Avoid

To Consume

· Lemon

· Mango

· Banana

· Citrus fruits

· Watermelon

· Cherry

· Green plums

· Carambola (Kamrakh)

· Apple

· Berry (Only ripened)

· Grapes

· Papaya

· Pears

· Cantaloupe

· Pineapple

· Coconut

· Kiwis


To Avoid

To Consume

· The whole grains, which are refined like, maida.

· White Rice

· Bran cereal

· Brown rice

· Wheat Pasta

· Oats


To Avoid

To Consume

· Bitter gourd

· Cauliflower

· Onion (Raw)

· Garlic (Raw)

· Green leafy vegetables

· Cabbage

· Spinach

· Cucumber

· Carrot

· Celery

· Beans

· Black eye beans

· Peas

· Asparagus

· Potatoes

· Sweet potatoes

· Legumes

· Coriander

· Pumpkin

· Ridge Gourd

· Bottle Gourd


To Avoid

To Consume

· Hemp pepper

· Red chilies

· Mint

· Turmeric

· Coriander

· Cumin

· Fennel

· Olive oil

Non-Veg Items

To Avoid

To Consume

· Red Meat

· Processed meat

· Frozen meat

· Boiled Egg White

Other Products

To Avoid

To Consume

· Too much salty food

· Junk food

· Oily food

· Cake

· Sweet meat

· chocolate

· Coffee

· Alcohol

· Maida biscuits

· Pepper

· Tea

· Dark Chocolate

· Fat Cheese

· Margarine

· Vinegar

· Pickles

· Wheat grass

· Walnuts (soaked)

· Almonds (soaked)

· Hazelnut

· Honey

· Sesame

· Aloe Vera

· Buttermilk

· Organic butter

· Coconut milk

Useful Tips

There is no one size fits all diet for AL Amyloidosis. What is best for you will be decided based on your unique situation. Experts do agree that healthy eating has many benefits. And when you’re already facing so much, you want to do whatever you can to be your healthiest self.

The best take away tip I can give you is to keep an open mind and be ready to experiment. As you try new things and choose healthier options, you will adjust, and healthy eating will be your new normal.

Things to remember

  •  Amyloidosis is an umbrella term that describes diseases caused by abnormal deposits of the protein amyloid.
  •  The symptoms of amyloidosis vary widely, depending on which tissues and organs are affected.
  •  There is no cure for amyloidosis.
  •  The aims of treatment are to prevent further deposits of amyloid proteins and ease the symptoms.