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Diet Plan for Patients of Heartburn

Heartburn symptoms are like a burning pain in chest that gets worse on lying down or bending that generally happens when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus. The common causes are spicy or fried foods, as well as caffeine and alcohol.To get relief from such symptoms there are foods and beverages that work amazingly to soothe the discomfort by neutralizing the acid produced. Try to have smaller meals as a substitute every-day instead of three large meals. Totally limit or avoid those foods and drinks that result in heartburn.
Have a diet rich in fresh organic vegetables and foods that help to lessen symptoms associated with acid reflux.


To Consume

To Avoid

· Potato

· Broccoli

· Cabbage

· Carrots

· Green Beans

· Peas

· Cucumber

· Onion

· Garlic


To Consume

To Avoid


· Avoid All Non-Veg


To Consume

To Avoid

· Fresh Apples

· Watermelons

· Bananas

· Pineapple

· Citrus Fruits(in excess)

· Orange

· Lemon


To Consume

To Avoid

· Basil Leaves

· Mint

· Licorice

· Aloe Juice

· Asparagus

· Chilies

· Ajwain seeds(in excess)


To Consume

To Avoid

· Drink At Least 10 Glasses Of Water

· Herbal Teas Without Caffeine

· Low fat Milk

· Oat Meal

· Coffee

· Large Meals

· Chocolate

· Alcohol

· Processed Foods

· Spicy Foods