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  • 100% pure organic, herbal, vegetarian, and neutral supplement formulated by Ayurveda herbal experts.
  • Super effective Ayurvedic blends.
  • Tested for heavy metals and microbes.
  • Contain unique Indian herbs from high and deep Himalayan Mountain and serene region of India.
  • No features, no preservative, no chemical, no scratch, no yeast, no heavy metal, no artificial flavor. All products made by typical ancient Vedic formula.
  • Our supplement contains standardized herbal extracts rather than the plain regular herbs at real reasonable rate!
  • We have our own manufacturing unit which is operated by efficient experienced hard working, excellent professional team and staff
  • We have more than one hundred patent product which got effectively used by thousands of needful people, our product is our pride
  • Right now we have submit 22 legal certificate in our hands the bucket full of some like KOSHER GREENGUARD, who-GMP, ROHS, Halal, FDA and many ISO standard certificates we are still applied for more certificates from government.
  • We keep our product price range very nominal just for the server to all level consumer of India to reach every house and rural India.
  • We have created a program called "Dhanvartary Smile" from where we can bear the total treatment cost of poor and real needful candidate. For that a part of our purchase will be donated to help mankind.

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  Chairman Speech

Ayurveda is an ancient medical science. The word 'Ayurveda' is composed of two words of Sanskrit ayur (meaning life) and veda (meaning knowledge). Thus Ayurveda is a medical science of ancient India. It deals with matters relating to health, day to day life and longevity. I, Pranab Meur, the chief founder of Dhanvantary Bioscience Private Limited completed my degree on Ayurveda. This Ayurvedic business is running generation after generation. It has spread like wild fires all over India. Our products get manufactuted in our own factory which is located in Gujarat. In our company we are having our own chemists, doctors, laboratarian, tester and everything that is needed. From the very childhood, I did not want to join in this business but gradually my natural instinct tends toward this and eventually I have studied and mastered over this. Therefore, this company will also spread all over the world, if you all support me. My belief, Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine and medication, based on experience and observation. This system of medicine and medication is more than 3000 years old. According to mythological story, Dhanvanteri was the first physician to use Ayurveda. In modern India also, Ayurveda is being used as it does not contain any side effects like the other stream of medicines. It has also reached outside India in countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia and several persons from other countries also take advantage of Ayurveda. Therefore, be with me, be with my company, have faith on me, trust me blindly, I promise you all that I shall give you the best possible result in this field. Thank you.