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Herbal Remedies For Goitre

About Goitre

This problem arises when the thyroid gland gets enlarged and leads to swelling in the neck and mainly occurs when the thyroid gland do not functions properly. A lump arises in front of neck due to this particular problem as a result of too much or too little thyroid hormones. This mainly occurs due to iodine deficiency in the body. So if there is decrease in the level of iodine in the body so, chances are there of occurrence of goiter.


  1.   Diffuse smooth goitre
  2.   Nodular goitre


In this type of goitre, the thyroid gland gets enlarged than the normal gland. The causes of this type of goitre are as follows:-

  •   Grave’s diseases
  •   Iodine deficiency
  •   Medicines such as lithium and amiodarone
  •   Hereditary factors


In this type of goitre a small lump is developed in the thyroid gland. It is usually divided into two types:-

  1.   Multinodular goiter - In this kind many lumps are formed in the thyroid gland.
  2.   Single nodule - This is result of a cyst and is a solid not-cancerous tumors.

Symptoms Of Goitre

  •   Swelling in the neck
  •   Difficulty while breathing or swelling
  •   Coughing and hoarseness
  •   Tight feeling in throat

Diagnosis Of Goitre

  •   Ultra sounds scan of thyroid
  •   Biopsy
  •   Computerized tomography (CT) scans
  •   MRI scan