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Diet Plan for Breast Development

For the proper development of breast, diet plays an important role. Calcium, phosphorus, iron and protein rich diet helps to increase the size of breast in a natural way. Moreover dairy products, green vegetables, carrots and chicken soup which contain the female hormone, estrogen also help in the enhancement of breast naturally.

Whole grains
To Avoid To Consume
- Brown Rice
- Wheat
- Barley
- Oats
- Begals

NOTE - These cereals contain the female hormone estrogen which help in breast enhancement.

- Apples
- Water melon
- Pomegranate
- Peaches
- Plums
- Raspberry
- Strawberry
- Cherries
- Green leafy vegetables
- Cabbage
- Spinach
- Alfalfa beans
- Cauliflower
- Onion
- Cucumber
- Broccoli
- Kale
- Carrot
- Celery
- Beans
- Black eye beans
- Legumes

NOTE - All the mentioned vegetables are rich in antioxidants, iron and calcium. So they help in breast development.

- Chicken
- Prawns
- Oysters
- Shellfish

NOTE - These products are known to promote the growth of breast tissues.

Dried and Frozen pulses All Lentils
- legumes and soybean
Refined cereals Brown rice
- Wheat
- Barley
- Oats
Dairy Products
Condensed milk Saturated milk
raw milk yoghurt
unpasteurized cheese buttermilk
- Soymilk
- tofu
- Cheese
Other Food
Too much sugar intake Saturated milk
Caffeine Pumpkin seeds
Smoking Flax seeds
Alcohol Sesame seeds
Junk food Fenugreek seeds
Oily food Fenugreek seeds
Cake Sunflower seeds
Milk chocolate Fennel seeds
Maida biscuits Yoghurt
Pepper Walnuts
Tea Almonds

Diet Chart For Breast Development

Early Morning

1 glass of water with 1 tsp flax seed


Veg Oats / Veg Poha / Chapatti with vegetable / Veg Dalia / Veg suji Chilla / Veg idli / Suji kheer / Veg Upma / Veg Sewian + 1 cup of Milk


Fruits / Lassi / Coconut water (fresh)


Veg Khichdi / Veg Dalia / 2 Chapatti / 1 bowl of boiled rice + 1 bowl of vegetable + 1 cup of dal / curd


Roasted chane / Rice flakes / homemade soup / Vermicelli / Poha / Herbal tea


Veg khichri / Veg Dalia / 2 Chapatti / 1 cup of boiled rice + 1 bowl of vegetable + 1 bowl of dal

Bed Time


Things To Remember

  • Avoid skipping meals
  • Consume well-balanced diet.
  • Take Proper sleep.
  • Quit bad habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Regular Exercise and meditation is recommended.